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Melinda is a consumer insights professional who partners with marketing leaders to uncover product insights and achieve new growth.  She helps clients uncover insights that guide brand growth and new product development and help brands stay relevant to their consumers.

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Consumer behavior has been her passion for 25+ years because of what it can reveal and how a brand can tap into it to inform business strategies.  As a senior leader in consumer packaged goods, Melinda led insights and informed business strategies for multi-billion dollar business units that included well-known brands such as Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Oscar Mayer, Grey Poupon and Jell-O.  

During her tenure she delivered critical insights on projects such as brand renovation and consumer segmentation, that resulted in substantial increased revenue on mature brands.

She is excited about bringing consumer understanding to businesses.  Her skills in simplifying consumer insights into key implications and recommendations, allows her to effectively partner with brand and marketing leaders across consumer packaged goods organizations.  Melinda works with clients to use consumer insights to shape marketing and product development, ultimately helping businesses grow.

When Melinda is not digging into insights, she loves spending time with her family, working out (she's a bit of a gym rat) and enjoying the greater Chicago area.

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